Lavishly rendered architectural landscapes, lifestyle photography & visual representations of architecture

AGHL needed to visually communicate its idea for a new development in Dubai. The site had to immerse the visitor into the concept, inviting them to explore inspiration imagery and 3D renders of the new luxury development. AGHL also wanted to invite visitors to keep track of the development’s progress. The results were simply gorgeous. We mixed lavishly rendered architectural landscapes with lifestyle photography and visual representations of the architecture to convey a strong sense of the development’s style.

Framing The Lunar Landing

Reviewing archive film footage of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, we generated an array of stills looking for the perfect frames to use to capture the moment. The campaign has a specific style, so it was important that cropped imagery match the rest of the ads, whilst honouring the frame. We produced the press ads in both Arabic and English, in various formats.