Marketing materials for an experimental Arabian film

We worked closely with the producers and film partner on Joud, a ground-breaking cinematography and music-led Saudi film, to design a narrative set of illustrative posters, a bi-lingual website that showcases the film’s cinematography and music, press packs and graphic images for social posts.

The set of three illustrated posters, are a fine-art retelling of the stories and narrative of the film, but represents the changing landscape of the often-hidden Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For the website, it was important for us to allow the natural beauty of the film to shine through. We created a simple, gentle experience with integrated music with voiceovers in both English and Arabic. From sifting through hundreds of film images and clips for the right selection. To collaborating with the producers to create the website intro sequence. We relished the opportunity to express our creativity, while remaining true to the story and respectful of the essence of the film.