Ed-Tech Start Up

This project was an exciting opportunity for us to work with an ed-tech startup to transform the way people learn English as a second language, on the move. To do this, we had to dive into the world of online education to understand the nuances, user interaction and feel of various platforms. Over a number of months, we conjured up a personality for LangO that was not only uplifting but positive and playful to entice the learner into a receptive frame of mind.

Bringing life to the O shape

The ‘O’ is a subtle and simple representation of the mouth used for speech. The O takes various forms and becomes a tool for communication. The custom built platform we created takes learners on a strong visual, interactive journey. The elements used are varied. They include teacher shift boards and calendars, subscription pages to interactive timetables and progress iconography. One of the highlights is the cool animation explainer video we commissioned, which brings to life the O shape in the form of a character who transforms himself through LangO. The video uses all the colours established during our brand development journey. Our team also introduced the concept of an online community where teachers and students can meet – in real time – to share their learnings and joy around the freedom a language can bring.