Designed by a mum of 3, the multi-award winning Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit eliminates the gap between baby and highchair to give you mealtimes without the mess!

Tidy needed to update their branding and website to reflect the growth of the business and create synergy of the brand usage for its international teams. The project included overhauling the website making a new responsive platform, creating all new packaging, product design and event signage.

In addition, we developed Tidy Tot World. Made up of individual vector illustrated elements, each component played a unique role in advertising the qualities of the Tidy Tot product range. The fun characters and bright scenes became download & colour sheets for the website, communication tools for social media, backdrops for events and packaging. We also developed an array of repeat pattern designs using the assets for the new toddler bib range.

Brand communication

Tidy Tot is a fantastic range of range of products for a growing international market. It became both a hub for the brand as a place to find stockists and high street distributors and the brands primary store to purchase their growing library of products. New lifestyle photography, brand communication elements and page messaging now communicate clearly the products proposition, especially the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit, demonstrating value beyond weaning as an essential creative play aid too.